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Status Jan 18

January 19, 2010

Greetings local artists and supporters of RooTs Collaborative!

It has been two weeks since we kicked off this new endeavor to the public.  I must say the support of all the artists has really been my magic carpet throughout the last two weeks.  This has been such a great ride and loving every moment of it (even when I see the excel spreadsheets).   I persist over fear.   Fortunately my determination (plus the enthusiasm and support of the artists) gives me the strength and belief that we can do this… We can make a difference.  We can successfully create a place where the community can buy and sell everything handmade.   The business plan is in its final stage and we’re getting close to taking the next step… signing a lease!  Once that happens… we’re ON.  I’ll send out official applications for Artists and Grass”RooTs” marketing blitz!  Stay tuned.

Any questions, comments or thoughts are always welcome.

On a side note… would love to have really cool window (and store) displays.  Of course, anthro has some great ones.  A little eye candy…

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