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RooTs Store Opening Update

March 3, 2010

Hey There Fans of RooTs Collaborative!

A lot of work going on behind the scenes here.  We’ve been receiving so many great applications to become a seller at RooTs.  We are so excited.  So much talent and amazing work being submitted.  We are going to review the first flush of applications this weekend – so stay tuned.  If you haven’t submitted your application – you still have time… but get it in soon.  We are working on the shop layout and want to be sure we have all the fixtures necessary.

Here is Q&A to respond to some of the email inquiries we are receiving:

When is RooTs opening?

Well, we just learned today that shop build out work is delayed in permitting.  Best guess to move in is April 15 and opening will follow 2 – 3 weeks after – tentative April 29 (we need to paint, move in fixtures and then accept all the merchandise in (that’s your part!).   At least we have more time to make more product!!  Patience is a Virtue… Right!?

Did you receive my application?

Likely, YES.  We have received over 50 applications to date.  We going to spend time this weekend to review the first flush and get back to everyone so you can start planning for success (aka, building inventory).  If you already submitted your application and you don’t hear back from us by next Tuesday (March 9th).  Drop us a line.

What is the deadline to submit an Application?

While there isn’t a definitive date we recommend getting in an application ASAP if you want to be one of the inaugural sellers. We are looking for a well-rounded selection of items to kick off the opening – once a category is full (or similar items are already accepted) your application will go to the wait list.

That’s it for now… Stay Tuned for more info this weekend!

Happy Creating,

Catherine & John

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