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Interview with Succulant Rock Planter Artist: Edna Roberts

July 5, 2010

Edna's Rock Planters photo credit: John Merkl

We recently visited Edna’s garden in El Cerrito and walked away in complete and total awe and respect of her hard work.  In addition to the hundreds of more planters waiting to find a happy home we discovered (at least) a 1500 sq ft mosaic tile outdoor patio (took Edna 4 years to build), a lovely flower garden, an orchid green house and a massive (and we mean MASSIVE) stacked marble step display case to feature her work.  We recently interviewed Edna to learn more about how her art developed:

Q: Wow, Edna, your succulent rock planters are so beautiful and unique.  When people walk in the shop they stop in awe and say “these must take forever to do!”…. So, I ask the question, How long DOES it take you to make these planter?

A: How long it takes me to make a planter depends on how big it is and the weather. It requires patience, and I usually spend anywhere from just under an hour for the small ones up to several days for the largest ones.

Q: How long have you been making them?

A: About eight years.

Q: We have never seen anything like these planters before.  How did you find the inspiration to make these?

A: I’ve never seen anything like them either. I don’t know exactly what inspired me. I just like making things and needed some planters for my succulents and orchids.  I wasn’t excited by the pots I had or the ones typically found in the garden stores, so I started experimenting with different materials and shapes, and eventually came up with the planters I now have at Roots. I really enjoy the way they look when I arrange several of them next to each other . . .

Q: What is the largest rock planter you ever built?

A: The biggest one I’ve made is about four feet wide, sixteen inches deep, and a little more than twenty inches tall. I used a thick piece of dark slate as the base, and it takes two people to move it.

Q: Any tips to the new owners (and soon to be owners) of your succulent plants on how to keep them lively and happy in their new home?

A: Water them about once a week.

Thank you Edna, we’re so proud to feature your work at RooTs!

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