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Earth Day 2011: How RooTs Combines Style and Sustainability

April 17, 2011

This year’s Earth Day theme is “A Billion Acts of Green,” which asks each of us to pledge to at least one act that will help save the planet (for more information go to  Here at RooTs we’re proud that our founding principles of shopping locally and selling locally made products are our own small “acts of green.”

But besides the good that comes from those principles, many RooTs artists commit each day to the planet’s health by recycling, re-purposing, and reclaiming materials to create new works of art and function-ability.  Here are just a few of the artists who integrate the “old” into the “new” –

  •  All of Liz Dickey’s fabulous clocks are made with recycled bicycle parts and reclaimed textiles.
  • Julie St. Martin.  Julie re-purposes buttons, bottle caps, and vintage images to create jewelry and functional art.
  • Maggie Hurley.  All of Maggie’s plushies begin as thrift store “throwaways.” She recycles old clothing to create unique, lovable critters.
  • Casa Murriguez.  One of RooTs newest artists, Casa M uses upcycled upholstery fabrics for many of its pillows.

As Earth Day approaches, we hope you’ll reflect on those things that make life worth living on planet earth – the vibrant green hills, the warm sun, and the creativity and agency within each of us to make the world a more beautiful place! Cheers!

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